How to use FarePay card for BRT transport

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The Lagos state government announced a partnership with Primero Transport Limited and Sterling Bank to extend its Lagos Connect card scheme.

This will enable commuters on the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) pay for their bus fares without having to purchase tickets.

The new system is powered by FarePay, a Sterling Bank product which utilises smart contactless cards that can be linked to a bank account and topped up via agents or online transfers. This means that commuters can simply “tap in and tap out of BRT buses”

How to Request for FarePay card

FarePay cards are available at all FarePay Agent locations along the Ikorodu to TBS corridor.

How to Load Value On farepay card

FarePay cards are linked to an account that can be topped up at Agent locations or via bank transfers from any bank in Nigeria

How to tap-in and tap-out 

Tap-In to get access to the bus and tap-out to ensure that you pay the correct fare and that the maximum fare is not deducted, fares are calculated base on distance covered.Maximum Fare is deducted if passenger fails to tap-out.

 How to link your BVN account to farepay

You can link your BVN by calling 0700-FAREPAY and provide the 11 digit BVN which will be linked to your account immediately 

 Other Details

-You can use your FarePay card for ATM,POS or web transactions.
 -BVN is a CBN regulation for all type of accounts inclusive of FarePay card accounts.

-You can Visit the agent location for a card replacement which will come at a cost.

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