Apply AroundNaija Reality Road Trip Show 2018

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AROUND Naija  is a reality TV show designed and created to showcase the aesthetics inherent in the tradition and culture of the Nigerian people as well as highlight its unity in the diversities. The TV reality show will also showcase the depth, history of Nigeria and her tourist attractions.

It is a road trip show to cover the 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT. Participant who will be competitively engaged among themselves throughout the show will be drawn from across Nigeria through an auditioning exercise. It is basically life on the road.

The competitions among the participants will highlight the economic activities of the various ethnic nationalities, their food, language, dance, music, History/story-telling and dressing of the different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

AROUND Naija is put together to achieve the following aims and objectives:

-To encourage the participation of the Nigerian people in the economic activities of the various ethnic Nationalities
-To showcase the Nigerian rich cultural diversities and heritage to the world.
-To showcase the Nigerian tourist centres.
-To provide for the TV viewing public an informative, educative and ultimately, an entertainment program ideal for families.
-To espouse the strength and unity of a people in their cultural diversities.

The TV reality show will involve 37 participants each representing a state of the federation including the FCT. The participants will eliminated and the best five will be rewarded with a community project to be cited in any community of their choice.

The show will be episodic on Television stations across Nigeria for a period of Three (3) Months.
This show is unique in itself and far different from other reality shows we can find on screen where immorality is showcased. Around Nigeria has nothing to do with immoral conduct throughout the show. In the reverse, Around Nigeria will propagate very high level of moral conduct, respect and value for human and our cultural sanctity as well as hard work


-Applicants must be Nigerian Citizens
-Must be over 18 years of age
-Must not have any Physical conditions that restrict him/her from involvement in physical tasks/exercises

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