How to Control Diabetes Naturally

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If you do not have the illness called diabetes, then be happy. And be sure you do all you can to prevent it, for prevention is better than cure.

The symptoms of diabetes are many and varied. At the earliest stage, diabetes does not show any symptom.

In many cases, the disease is diagnosed accidentally when undergoing check-up for other complaints. Diet for diabetics Food is medicine.

 Food is the most natural medicine on earth. One cannot talk about diabetes without talking about food, about dietary habits. Food is a major factor in any illness.

This is especially true in the case of diabetes. Any treatment of diabetes should begin with proper food combination. It is good to note that drugs do not cure any illness.

Drugs only help to strengthen the immune system and aid the system in fighting against illnesses.
“What do you eat; how do you eat”? the answer is nearly always the same:

 “My doctor told me to eat plenty of meat, beans, plantain and avoid yam, cassava, honey, fruits and sugar.
 “How many times do you eat in a day? At times twice, and at times thrice.”. As a diabetic, it is not good for you to eat only twice or thrice daily, for such meal is often heavy.

If you take a heavy meal even once a day, your sugar level will rise, because there is insufficient insulin in the body to metabolise the food. 

The secret is to eat a little as often as you wish.
 In other words, eat five or six times daily, but just a little at a time. Failure to observe this simple rule has sent many diabetics to the grave.

 Despite all the complicated and expensive medications, they did not get better. Our food consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, Vitamins and minerals.

To be healthy, we need to maintain a balance of these nutrients in our diet. Carbohydrates include sugar, starch, cassava, yam, rice, etc.

 Protein is found in meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, etc. Saturated fats are found in butter, coconut oil, palm oil, fish, meat, and eggs.

This kind of fat is dangerous for the system and can lead to heart disease. Unsaturated fats, which are derived from groundnut oil, Soya bean oil, cottonseed oil and castor oil, are healthier. Vitamins and minerals come mainly from fruits and vegetables.

Keep in mind that these fruits and vegetables are best when taken in their natural state. Raw vegetables are more nourishing than cooked ones.

 So often, I hear diabetics say that they have been told to abstain from eating fruits like pawpaw, banana and oranges, as well as natural juices like honey. But honey is good for the body. What is not good for the body is diluted or mixed honey.

The sugar in honey is pre-digested and cannot be compared to the artificial, refined honey sold in the market.
The sugar in honey is only seven per cent, even though it has a very sugary taste. And if diabetics do not eat fruits, how can they survive? What is bad is not the fruits itself, but the manner of eating it. Do not combine fruits with any other food.

This is a mistake, which so many diabetics make. If you want to eat pawpaw, please eat only pawpaw, not in combination with rice, beans or any other food.

If you want to eat banana, please take a little at a time and do not combine it with any other food. If you want to eat green vegetables, please do. But do not combine it with Pawpaw.

The secret is to eat a little at a time. 

Eat plenty of onions, carrots, garlic and ginger. As much as possible, eat your green vegetables in their natural state.

Green leaves such as bitter leaf and pawpaw leaves are very good for the body. So often, people squeeze out the bitterness from the bitter leaf before cooking, thereby rendering the leaves useless.
The bitterness is what actually makes the bitter leaf medicinal. 

Okro is very good for diabetics. Learn to eat your plantain or beans with okro soup. Herbal treatment for diabetes In treating diabetes with herbs, the aims are:
·         to repair the pancreas  strengthen the kidney
·         eradicate the symptoms
·         prevent sugar or glucose from escaping in the urine
·          help the body to find its natural balance

Points to Note The following points should be kept in mind when treating diabetes with herbs:

A. Juvenile diabetes or Insulin dependent diabetes is more difficult to cure than non-insulin dependent diabetes.
B. Those who develop maturity onset diabetes at age fifty or above respond more quickly to herbal treatment than those who develop the disease at age thirty or forty.
 C. It is not recommended that insulin dependent diabetics stop injecting themselves as soon as they begin herbal treatment.

They will need to combine both medications for two weeks after which they will then reduce the volume of Insulin they inject to half its usual volume while they still continue with the herbs.

 It is only after four weeks that they can leave aside the Insulin injection but only on the condition that they check their urine and blood from time to time, so as to monitor their sugar levels.

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