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NYSC Jobs Vacancies

(NYSC) Jobs is the official national CV bank and job center of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), aimed at making graduate recruitment easier for employers and Youth Corp graduates alike. It is the only platform for employers from every industry and region to connect directly to thousands of fresh and qualified potentials in Nigeria.

How NYSC Jobs Portal Vacancies Works

The unique features of the portal do not only aid employers to shortlist with certainty as candidates get to upload a video CV alongside their resume but also provides the opportunity to screen (Pre- employment testing and Credentials verification) shortlisted candidates to make your recruitment process hassle free. In turn, Corps members get to show their best self to prospective hirers in four simple steps: Register, update profile, Upload a video CV and Apply for a job.

Important of NYSC Job Listing Portal

  1. Coordinate High Volume Job Applications In A Consistent Way
  2. Announce Your Employment Opportunities For Free
  3.  Be In Total Control Of Your Recruitment Campaigns
  4. Executes A Recruitment Campaign At Zero Cost
  5. Enables Merit Based Fresh Graduates

How to create account for NYSC Jobs & Registration

This process takes minutes. To register for on NYSC Jobs portal visit http://candidate.nyscjobs.org/account/register or Click Here

Then add your credentials and create your login details. Your activation details will then be sent to your accounts.

Kindly note these details and keep them safe as you would need them to apply for more vacancies on the e-Recruiter platform. Login with the details sent to you and proceed to fill out the forms

How to apply for Jobs on NYSCJobs.org

In this stage registered applicant will have to upload a resume and also attach a Video CV link which will be added to their profile on the NYSC Job listing portal.

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