Updated FTA Frequency & Symbol Rate for Mega Choice Ghana

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Hello, if you are getting 'No or Bag Signal' this is because Megachoice has recently changed their frequency from 11075 H 45000 to 11294 H 45000. Therefore all subscribers are to update their receiver frequency and scan to continue viewing.

Below are some of the channels you will get on the new frequency; -DW

  1. Crytal TV Plus
  2. Aljazerra
  3. CCTV News
  4. Metro
  5. France 24
  6. Africa tv
  7. EWTN  Double MTV (MMTV)

You can also do a blindscan on 12565 H 30000 (Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East, Ku band) to get the following FTA CONSAT TV channels.

* Tributes TV

* Yoruba Swaga

* Talent TV

* TVC Hausa

* TVC Entertainment

* TVC News

* TVC News Nigeria

* Event TV

* Mount Zion TV Happy Viewing!.

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