How to watch And Track All Available AFN

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American forces network(AFN) Is a satellite packaged owned by the US government and operated by their armed forces.This satellite can be nailed on multiple satellite position.

AFN easiest teaching position in Nigeria, is on Eutelsat 9.0E. The satellite package is put up basically to meet the broadcasting needs of the US servicemen and women including their Families. They have been at this for 75 years down the line.

FTA channels  For all UCL Matches 

  1. Sony six Intelsat 20 SD Showed barca vs Olympiacos freq: Powervu 68.5E 3900 h/v 22222
  2. The HD version of Sony is on Intelsat 17 powervu: 66E 3845 V 30000 The base dish size for sony is now 2.4meters from Nigeria.
  3. Sony ESPN HD: 68.5E 3900V 22222 while Sony ESPN HD is 66e 3845v30000
  4. Sport24 HD @ 57e 4096 v 30000 or at 34.5w (Sport24 requires a 1.8meters dish)
  5. Finally: TVM @ 16e @ 11024 H 3333.

AFN tracking channels list positions and frequencies

AFN has varieties of programs. These programs range from sports to movies, news and entertainments. Afn sports airs live champions league matches Tuesdays and Wednesdays(only from the knockout stages onward), basketball matches, WWE, tennis championship and more.Enjoy blockbuster series on AFN family and Spectrum. Also, you can enjoy complete movies on AFN Movies.

1. Afn Movie
2. Afn Sports2
3. Afn Prime Pacific
4. Afn Prime Atlantic
5. Afn Family
6. Afn Sports
7. Afn News
8. Afn Spectrum

AFN tracking positions and frequencies 

Track AFN on 34.5w mtn Worldwide position, I won’t advise this because you will not get the full package if you do. The best position for Nigerians and the west is on 9.0E with a 1-meter dish or larger.You can receive these channels for the following positions

Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500– KU BAND and a min of 1-meter dish. It opens with most powervu auto roll decoders
Thor 0.8°W -4175 R 28000
Intelsat 64.2°E -4093 L 3680

Many regions in Africa find it tough tracking AFN on 9E. If you happen to fall into this category, try the other alternatives.

Thor 0.8°W 4175 R 28000 Intelsat 64.2°E -4093 L 3680 for Thor 0.8west you need a minimum of 1.8m dish and a c band LNB and the tracking Tp is 4175 H 28000 R stands for H and L for V note when tracking this particular satellite you don’t need the dielectric plate inside the c-band LNB its broadcast as circular but in the real sense it is linear.

On the contrary, for Intelsat 64.2 you also need 1.8meters or larger to track with tp 4093 V 3680 you need to insert the plate when tracking this.

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