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Phones gadgets is one of our most important everyday utilities, they perform a lot of important functions in our daily routine, from communicating with loved ones, to gaming, to music and watching movie, mobile phones are always there to make our lives easier and interesting.

some times begin to overheat when in use or even when not in use, these are some of the Reasons why your mobile phone Overheat.

Causes of mobile phone Overheating 

Overheating in mobile phones can be caused by a number of reasons which can best be simplified into, Hardware failure/malfunction and software causes.

Hardware failure and Malfunction

There are a number of components that make up a smartphone, these components are called the hardware parts of your smart phone major hardware problems that can cause your smartphone to heat up are

-Discharging rate of smartphone 

Some activities such as gaming and streaming of video increases the discharge rate of your smartphones battery there by causing the battery to heat up. Also, running apps like music and video streaming while charging your phone could also result to an increase in emperature, the more current pulled from the batteries, the greater the heat generated.

-Brightness level of your phone 

When your phone gets too bright, it tends to drow more of power from your battery which increases your phone's battery temperature.

-Fault in the circuit board or other components

A faulty phone panel is an extreme case which can result into a pretty hot device, your are required to visit a phone repairer to get such problem fixed.

-Bad/Defective battery

When your battery gets bad, it gets hot while charging up or when current is been drawn from it. To fix this, you simply need to replace the bad battery.

Software issues 

The operating system, installed applications and Games forms the software parts of your smartphone and they can as well cause your smartphone to heating up. Software causes are:

-Background Apps

Background apps are the most common cause of overheating problem in smartphones, Some applications run continuous even when they are not in use, some of these applications use up a lot of memory space thereby loading the process and keeping it continuously running. This result in continuous power been drown from the battery and it can thereb increase the temperature of your device

-Running Multiple Apps at a Time

Processor and internet memory (RAM) determine the speed of operation and the number of applications you can run on your phone at a time, they also determine the multi-tasking ability of your phone. When you run multiple applications all at the same time on your smartphone, it over loads the processor chip and make it dissipate lot of heat. To manage this type of Overheating, ensure you close down apps that you aren't using. 

-Heavy Network usage 

Streaming video, download files and other network activities are faster in 3g or 4g network mode but this modes also consume more of your battery thereby causing your device to Overheat, if 3g or 4g causes Overheating in your phone, always switch out or turn you data off when you are not doing anything that require 3g or 4g.


Most high end Games tends to use up a lot of your mobile phone resources such as battery life and processor memory, this type of gaming activity on your phone increases the temperature of your phone.


1.identifying the causes of the problem is the first step to solving overheating problems, 

2.identifying the root cause of the overheating as illustrated above and installing CPU e.g Software

3.Battery management applications, Hardware issue

4. Replace the defective part or take it to a mobile phone service centre for repairs.

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