How To Install Android Apk On Ancloud P5 Iptv Media Box

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There are two methods to load an app into ancloud p5 android media box;

1. by loading it through google play that comes preloaded on the box or 
2. By sideloading the app. 
I wont talk about installation via google playstore because every android phone user is familiar with this method. I will be discussing about how to sideload(or how to load downloaded .apk android app into your ancloud)


Before you can load an app successfully into your ancloud p5, you must meet the following prerequisites;
You must have the setup file of the app you want to install(for example, i have the setup file of homelive app which is the premium account application of ancloud)
The file you want to load must be compatible with your media box’s OS. E.g ancloud come with 4.4.2 Android os and it will not run any app that supports android 4.3 and below.
You need a clean virus free flash drive.


Download the apk and copy it into a clean flash drive. All ancloud users who already installed homelive apk with valid premium account should download this free apk named homevod.apk for their device. as shown below

Navigate to Appinstaller on your ancloud and open it. Choose the second option which in most cases should be USB A

Next search the drive and once the contents is displayed, click on the apk you want to install and the rest is same as your android mobile phone

Once done, you will see the newly installed application on your homescreen. Or under my app.


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