How To Fix Wifi adapter for ZenFone ZE552KL

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Model: ZE552KL


Firmware/App Version: NRD90M.WW_Phone-14.2020.1711.75-20171115

App Name: NRD90M.WW_Phone-14.2020.1711.75-20171115

Could your phone auto connect back by itself when wifi disconnecting ?

Does this problem occur even when you connect with different router?

To correct these follow the steps below for solutions:

1.) Settings> Wi-Fi > Advanced > Check [ Always ] to keep the Wi-Fi on during sleep.

2.) Settings> Wi-Fi >Press & hold [Net Work Name(SSID)] for 2 seconds >Select [Forget Network]>>Re-Connect your wireless.

3.) Please test it in safe mode.

4.) Please kindly reset the router.

5.) Does this problem still happen when you connect to another different router?

Thank you.

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