How To Fix Audio and Video that are out of sync after upgrading your strong decoders with a powervu

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Today, we will solve audio/video strong decoders problem with regards to the picture not matching the audio.

Now if you are here and you are using a strong decoder and you are experiencing this issue. Apply the fix below to solve audio/video strong decoders problem
solve audio/video strong decoders problem the tricks

If you are experiencing this, I strongly believe that it has to do with the type of tv you are using. The only fix here should be for you the revert the process and manage the picture the way it is. Or, if you can try changing your connection mode from like AV to HDMI, Scart …

How To Solve audio/video strong decoders problem 

– Press Menu on your Strong remote control

– Go to System Settings

– Go to A/V Output Settings

With this, you need to change the TV System —from PAL to NTSC And also Change the HDMI settings from 1080p50 to 1080p60

This has helped others. Please let the house know if the current sofware has solved this problem

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