How to access a US video streaming services like hulu, PS vue, Amazon, outside the US

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We have many wonderful video streaming services in the world. Most of these are enjoyed only by US residents. I will briefly list the major once here.

       List of video streaming services that work only in the USA 

This is a very popular name among people of the developing countries and modest income earners.

To start with, I want to bring it to your notice that 99% of the services listed above are geo-restricted. Geo-restriction implies that for the same online streaming service, you’ll get one type of content in one country and another type of content in another country.

Some 85% are totally geo-blocked. PS Vue, Hulu, are all totally blocked from access outside the US.Now, why will anyone want to stream IPTV anonymously? Learn this in the next sub-topic.

Best methods for accessing video streaming services outside the US

We have two major ways of accessing a geo-locked or geo-restricted content. These two methods are very effective and safe.
By using a great


Using a SmartDNS service to access video streaming services outside the US

To start with, I will not go recommend a smart DNS service over a VPN service. They both anonymise but one is cheaper and more secure than the other. In addition, you have more features in a VPN than in a smart DNS service.

I have two smart DNS providers that cable of doing the job at hand.

Overplay smart DNS
Unlocator DNS services

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