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About Payclub

We believe that the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work or rely on anyone else for cash. Well we know with a lot of hit and run, why trust this one.... we are fully commited to ending this injustice... not just another passerby in this ever growing injustice....

How to Register on Payclub

When you Register on paysclub, the system will auto-assign you immediately to another member to pair with you and you have 5hours countdown time to DONATE according to the plan you choose from the beginning ₦20000, ₦50000, ₦100000 and wait for that member to confirm your donation and the system will automatically put you on queue before 5days then assign 2 other registered member under you from spillovers that will also pay you the joining amount twice, into your bank account which makes it a 200% of your "DONATION" paysclub will automatically redirect you to recycle page where you can add testimonial and Recycle new plan, failure to donate to someone before the timer expire will result blocking of your account.


Share paysclub to people and make the world a better place. Please note that your return on Investment will be on before 5Days. Please be Patient. As you wait, you can use your referral link to make more money. paysclub gives 20% for each referral.

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