2018-2019 #CodeLagos-How to Register

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CodeLagos is an initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Education aimed at making coding education framework accessible to every student in Lagos State.

Purpose of Teach Code

As we strive towards an economy in which technology is leveraged to enhance the lives and promote the livelihoods of Lagos State residents, it is important to prepare our citizenry to meet new workforce demands, harness the benefits of technology, and communicate in the language of the future.

We’re positioning students in Lagos State to:

Harness, create, and leverage on local & global opportunities
Meet the growing demand for tech skills

Approach the world of work as problem solvers
Beyond Coding…
Learning to code unlocks a variety of other capabilities, including:
-Logical reasoning
-Problem solving
-Design thinking
-Creativity, among others.
By teaching students to code,we empower them to become value-creating employees or job creators in any field they choose to pursue.

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