Track 4 Satelites & Watch 150 FTA Channels with Strong SRT D60M.


Strong SRT D60M viewers in Sub-Saharan African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin etc can now watch over 150 subscriptionfree(FTA) satellite TV channels with just a single 60cm parabolic dish.

This is quite similar to the SRT D85W that offers over 140 FTA channels using 5 LNBFs Clamp holders, Widebeam Antenna of 85cm and is also using a Wall & Terrace Mounting.

 In this post, I'll be answer some frequently asked question on installation. What are the requirement to set up Free­to­air viewing? To begin you'll need the following;

1. SRT D60M + 4 LNBs

2. DiSeqc Switch SRT 4X1

3. STRONG Compliant Receiver How many satelites can I track using Strong SRT D60M? On SRT D60M, You can track FTA channels on the following satelites

1. Eutelsat 36B - 35.9 degrees East

2. Astra 2F - 28 degree East

3. Eutelsat 16A - 16 degree East

4. Eutelsat 7A - 7 degree East What Mounting Method can be used on to track satelite signals on Strong SRT D60M? Three methods can be used;

1. Unique Mount Design

2. Terrace Mounting

3. Wall Mounting What are the FTA Frequency / Polarization / Symbol Rate for tracking these free channels? For FTA on Eutelsat 16A At 16° East

12522 / H / 30000 For FTA on SES 5 at 5° East 12.054 / V / 29950

For FTA on Eutelsat 7A 10.928 / H / 30000

For FTA on Badr 7 at 26° East & Astra 2F at 28° East 12525 / V / 30000

For FTA on Eutelsat 36B at 35.9° East 12245 / H / 27500

How much is Strong SRT D60M and where can I buy a Strong Decoder?

The product and service is currently available and for sale in Nigeria and Ghana and the price varies, for more information, kindly contact your nearest STRONG Dealer.

Can I use my old strong decoder to get these channels?

Yes!, its possible to use older versions of strong SRT satellite receiver to get these channels, however if its an MPEG - 2 receiver, its will only receiver MPEG - 2 channels.

Can the installation be done by a local cable installer?

Any skilled installer should be able to track the satellites and set up your receiver using the instruction manual provided HERE. 222

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