Lucrative Business to Start in Nigeria

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Starting a small business in Nigeria and growing it into success requires lots of dedication, determination and consistence. 
The best businesses to start in Nigeria would be highlighted, every day, many Nigerians search for small investment opportunities to start with no capital.

 They keep looking for lucrative small businesses ideas to invest in with little capital. Do you have little money but no feasible business idea to start with? The truth is there are many business opportunities available for investment in Nigeria.

Whether you are planning to start up one business or you already have one Idea adapted to this economic climate or looking for franchises to buy, in this post, I will be revealing the most profitable small businesses and lucrative investment ideas in Nigeria.

Dedication, determination and putting in extra efforts and partnering with the right set of people are some key secret of successful business in Nigeria.

Note, before going in to any businesses in Nigeria, you have to source for funds to start the business, you can do this through banks, family and friends or through personal savings. Another thing is to carry out business environmental scanning by using your SWOT analysis i.e strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat.

Consider those that are interested in your product and services. Desist from negative minded people because they would bring your positive business ideas down and always innovate from time to time on how to exploit opportunities.Use your strength to tackle your weakness.

Here are the most successful small business ideas I have categorized in to industry and sectors for easier access.

General lucrative business ideas

1. Haulage business
2. Starting a rental service business
3. Car hired-purchase
4. Event planning, cake baking and decoration business
5. Cement business
6. Frozen food business
7. Ambulance service business

Agriculture business ideas

1. Fish farming business
2. Broiler and layers farming business
3. Snail farming business
4. Start a pig farm
5. Dog breeding and sales
6. Open a veterinary/pet outlet
7. Livestock feed sales and milling business
8. Processing of maize, rice, palm oil, cassava, rubber, cotton etc
9. Cultivating vegetables

Successful business ideas in education and computer

1. Providing catering services to schools
2. Day care and nanny services
3. Starting a private school
4. Sales and repair of computer
5. Mobile phone sales
6. Developing mobile and web applications
7. Graphic design and printing
8. Android game development

Production line business ideas

1. Paint making
2. Making beads and wireworks and sale
3. Liquid soap production business
4. Producing disinfectant items.

Internet-based business ideas

1. Forex trading
2. Bitcoin milling
3. Blogging
4. Affiliate marketing
5. Blog setup and customization services
6. Bulk SMS service

The above are few outline businesses with various investment option that will help you pick a successful business to start in Nigeria. For more business ideas seek the advice of people that are already in the line of the business you are about to create, wishing you best of luck in your entire endeavor. 

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